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Here’s why people are obsessed with these spice blends.

Here’s why people are obsessed with these spice blends.

Just sprinkle on your food and your taste buds will thank you!

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Spice Guide for Hawaii Spice and Seasonings

Falling in love never tasted so good with all the amazing flavors found in our gourmet collection of seasonings by Lahaina Spice Company.  We’ve created a guide to help you choose your favorite bottles of spicy, heavenly Hawaiian goodness!  Our easy to open and re-seal bottles are larger in then the leading online Hawaiian seasoning competitors.

This means that ounce per ounce our spicy blends are less expensive than the leading online competitors selling Hawaiian spice blends.  Our seasoning blends stay fresh for a long period of time when refrigerated after opening.  So you’ll be able to enjoy our Hawaiian flavors months on end.

We offer FREE USPS Priority Shipping to anywhere in the United States when you purchase any combination of four bottles.


Sea Salts

Sea Salt is created by the evaporation of sea water.  It offers a coarse, raw more flavorful aroma than regular table salt.  Sea salt can be used in your favorite recipes, preserve meats or fish or garnish just about any type of food.  Our Lahaina Spice Company collection offers three different types of Sea Salts.

Try one of our Hawaiian Sea Salts

Red Hawaiian Sea Salt – Alaea – 7.7 oz.

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt – ‘A ‘A Pa ‘Akai – 7.6 oz.

Green Hawaiian Sea Salt — “Green Flash” – 7.7 oz.

General Seasoning Blends

These Hawaii seasoning blends are old time favorites with a Hawaiian twist.  You can use these spice blends on just about any recipe.  Check out click on the links below and check out the ingredients in each one to find your favorite.

Maui Wowie – Gourmet Italian Herb – 1.1 oz.

Plantation Blend – General Purpose Hawaii Spice – 5.1 oz

Kula Garden Blend – Up Country Maui Flavor – 1.9 oz.

Lahaina Burst – Gourmet Garlic, Lemon, Pepper – 4.7 oz.

Hot, Spicy Smokey, Sweet Flavors for BBQ Seasoning, Grilling and Rubs

Our collection of gourmet Hawaii Seasoning  includes some Hawaii flavor great for your meat, BBQ rubs and seasoning.  These spice blends can also be used on anything from eggs, pizza, vegetables and more.  Give anything a spicy hot, sweet or smokey flavor.  Check out the ingredients on each one to find your favorite or try one of each.

No Ka Oi “The Best” in Hawaiian. 4.7 oz.

Kiawe – Hawaiian Smoked Wood Flavor – 4.4 oz.

Paniolo Prime Rub – Hawaiian Flavor for fine cuts – 4.4 oz.

Maui Steak Shake – Hawaiian BBQ Flavor For Your Grill – 4.7 oz.

Luau Pork Seasoning- Traditional Hawaiian BBQ Flavor – 4.6 oz.

Specialty Blends

Maui Fiesta Blend – Mexican Spice Blend – 4.2 oz.

Bloody Maui Spice – Bloody Mary Seasoning – 4.9 oz