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Going to Maui? Don’t forget the Spice!

Going to Maui? Don’t forget the Spice!

Planning a Hawaiian trip to Maui?  Don’t for get the spice!

It’s great working with Chef Bonz of Lahaina Spice Company in selling his Hawaiian spice and seasoning on Get The Spice.   Not just because of my belief in the product and his passion, but also because of the stories he shares.

ory that sticks out in my head is of a man and his family planning a trip to Maui.  His father had been to Maui before and purchased a bottle of the Maui No Ka Oi spice, Maui Steak Shake and Paniolo Prime Rub.

When he heard about his son’s trip the first thing he said was to bring back some spices from Lahaina Spice Company.   The last thing he told him before his son left was “don’t forget the spice.”

While on Maui the son and his family and had a great time.  They enjoyed the beaches, warm weather, great  food and relaxation.  Of  course the one thing he forgot were to get the spice and season from Lahaina Spice Company.   Upon his return, the father was devastated when he learned his son forgot the spice and seasoning.

After a few choice words, the father went to his refrigerator and grabbed his last bottle of Maui Steak Shake.  He looked on the bottle and found the website for Lahaina Spice Company.  He logged onto the sight and ordered some more spice and seasoning from Lahaina Spice Company.

The moral of the story is when on Maui, don’t forget the spice and seasoning from Lahaina Spice Company.   However if you do forget, always know you can order online at  Get The Spice.com.