About Get The Spice

Lahaina Spice Company LogoSpice and Seasoning by Lahaina Spice Company

Get The Spice is proud to be an online distributor for the finest Gourmet Hawaiian spice and seasoning made by Lahaina Spice Company.   Because we love these spice and seasonings so much we built this website to make them available to you.  If you try them on your tasty recipes it will give your food a boost of Hawaiian flavor.

Lahaina Spice Company was started by the passionate Chef Gregory “Bonz” Heath and his wife.  Affectionately known as Chef Bonz, he has spent years pouring his energy and talent into these spice and seasonings.  His unique line of gourmet  Hawaiian Spice and Seasonings are like no other, so give them a try.

You will not find a better, more favorable spice or seasoning anywhere.  Purchase a few bottles of these spice and seasoning so you can bring the Hawaiian flavor to your home.