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If you’re like me and have your very own BBQ Sauce Recipe, then you probably don’t want someone else telling you how to make BBQ Sauce.  These three spice blends from Lahaina Spice Company pack such a power punch, you’ll want to check them out.  Mix any one of these spice blend in your sauce before applying to your BB ribs or sprinkle on afterwards.

Lauau Pork Seasoning

Luau Pork Seasoning – Traditional Hawaiian BBQ Flavor

This seasoning will add a sweet and smoky flavor to your BBQ Ribs.  Try Luau Pork Seasoning as a rub or mix into your sauce and brush on while grilling.  Ingredients for this spice include Hickory smoked salt (salt and other natural smoked flavor), smoked paprika, onion, sugar, garlic, chili pepper, pepper, cumin, fennel and citric flavor.

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Hawaiian Salt | Italian Seasoning

Hawaiian Grill Seasoning

Great for grilling any type of meat.  Adds awesome flavor when grilling ribs.  Hawaiian Grill Seasoning also works great with your BBQ Ribs side dishes such as Macaroni Salad, Potatoes and Coleslaw.  Ingredients include Flake salt, pepper (black and white), sugar, lemon peel, garlic, onion, bell pepper flakes, coriander, paprika, fennel and bay leaf.

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Kiawe Spice blend


Kiawe – Hawaiian Smoked Wood Flavor

A personal favorite of many.  Kiawe is a Hawaiian hardwood used for smoking meat in Hawaii and gives a unique flavor.  Get this Hawaiian flavor now in this spice packed with heat and a smooth smokey overtone.  Great as a rub or mix in your sauce and brush on while grilling.  Ingredients include  Smoked paprika, pepper, smoked salt, chipotle, garlic, onion and thyme. No additives or preservatives.  Absolutely NO MSG.

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Whether you’re into BBQ Ribs or are a vegetarian, you can spice up any dish with any one of our spice blends at GetTheSpice.com.  Purchase four or more and get free shipping anywhere in the United States.  Just sprinkle on your food and your tasted buds with thank you!

Hawaiian Salt | Italian Seasoning






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