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Mix and match four of your favorite Lahaina Spice Company spice blends and get FREE Flat Rate Priority Shipping!  Now is the time to stock up on Lahaina Spice Company spice blends.  Whether you like the hot and spicy Hawaiian flavor of Kiawe  or the mild aroma of Kula Garden Blend.  You’ll find a Hawaii spice flavor to fall in love with.  Get some Hawaii spice for yourself  and get some spice for a friend.
Lahaina Spice Company creates spice blends that simply can’t be found anywhere else.  “No one else makes anything like some of the flavors I’ve created.” say Chef Bonz who is the owner of Lahiana Spice Company.  This gourmet Hawaii spice collection offers some of the traditional spices such as Red Hawaiian Sea Salt or Alaea.  However it is the one of a kind specialty blends created by Chef Bonz that Lahaina Spice Company is best known for.  The Paniolo Prime Rub is a Hawaii Spice blend for rubbing on fine cuts of meat before cooking or grilling.  Maui Steak Shake is also one of the best sellers and can be used on Steaks, burgers, chicken or anything else you put on the grill.  Lahaina Burst is also a popular Lemon, pepper and garlic spice blend with a Hawaiian flavor twist. Lahaina Spice Company Spice blends can be used in your favorite recipes or simply sprinkle on your food.  Either way your taste buds will thank you!
Once per ounce Lahaina Spice Company spice blends are less expensive than any of the leading online competitor selling spices.  Now with Free Flat Rate Priority Shipping there is no reason to stock up on these amazing Hawaii spices.
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