Hawaiian Sea Salt collection

Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt collection by Lahaina Spice Company.

Hawaiian Sea Salt  has traditionally been used to preserve fish, beef and pork.  It is also used in modern Hawaiian recipes like Kalua Pig, Poke and other dishes.   The salt  is unrefined salt, low in sodium and packed with healthy trace minerals and electrolytes.  Our gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt collection by Lahaina Spice Company includes three different blends of Sea Salts.  Each one has a unique flavor and can be used to give your recipes a healthy gourmet Hawaiian flavor.

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Red Hawaiian Sea Salt – Alaea

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt Alaea









Red Hawaiian Sea Salt gets it’s red color from iron oxide rich volcanic clay.   It is the most commonly used Hawaiian Sea Salt and the flavor is much more mellow than regular table salt.  This Hawaiian Sea Salt can be used in place of table salt or used in cooking anything from vegetables, egg, poultry and meats.  Red salt works great as a rub on meat before grilling.  It is also great for rimming Margarita or Bloody Marry drinks.  Try some of our red Hawaiian Sea Salt by clicking here.


Black Hawaiian Sea Salt – ‘A ‘A Pa ‘Akai

Black hawaiian Sea Salt - ‘A ‘A Pa ‘Akai









Black Hawaiian Sea Salt is a created when ocean salt water evaporates and blends with the purified charcoal of volcanic rock. This Hawaiian Sea Salt has a very course texture and an earthy, smoky, sweet flavor.  It’s often used as finishing salt for poultry or fish to preserve moisture and flavor.  It can also be used on deserts and offers a unique presentation to any dish. Try our Black Hawaiian Sea Salt by clicking here.

Green Hawaiian Sea Salt – Bamboo Jade “Green Flash”









Green Hawaiian Sea Salt is our most unique Hawaiian Sea Salt.   This Hawaiian Sea Salt has its roots in both Chinese and Hawaiian cultures.  The green color comes from being infused with Bamboo leaf oil extract. The Bamboo leaf  extract is rich with antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins. Green Hawaiian Sea Salt works well with Asian recipes, salads, fresh foods, salads and sea foods.

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